Melanie Miranda is a Latina Actress and Singer-Songwriter who has been residing in Georgia for the past four years. You can find Melanie anywhere from the television to your favorite music platform with her latest single “Rockstar.” Melanie’s new musical venture is creating music in a ‘Spanglish’ format embracing her Puerto Rican culture. Hoping to inspire and reach people all over the world to dream big and walk in their purpose. Melanie’s best advice has always been “Feed your passion, it’s waiting on you.”

Melanie Miranda has a special place in her heart for the Foster Care Support Foundation. Knowing how important it is to have guidance and mentors, Melanie supports their “Hope 4 Tomorrow Mentor Program” and their wonderful organization that ensures the success of our youth.


Foster Care Support Foundation

Over the past 20 years, FCSF has served over 68,000 children in the state of Georgia, helping abused and neglected children experience a kind and nurturing daily life while displaced in foster and relative care. With a mission to strengthen the ability of foster and relative care families, enable them to meet the needs of their displaced children by implementing a community-based resource, education and various programs that can decrease the need for institutionalized care.

FCSF serves a vital and growing need throughout Georgia by providing free clothing, infant equipment and developmental toys to thousands of children in foster and relative care as well as serve abandoned, court-placed, and DFCS placed grandparents raising grandchildren and parents caring for relative’s children for a limited time. About 75% of the 4500 children served are now raised by grandparents without the biological parent’s involvement due to drugs, abuse, neglect or abandonment. Most of the relative caregivers receive no stipend to help raise the children.