An artist who is passionate about life and embraces every day as a new opportunity to give everything you have to all your endeavors. As her family and students know, Kasey believes Attitude is everything and that’s how she makes a difference.

Raised in Valdosta, Georgia where football is a way of life, Kasey attended Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida on a music scholarship where she had the opportunity to travel and sing while pursuing her undergraduate degree in which she received from Valdosta State University.

Kasey went on to receive her master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Troy University and a specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Lincoln Memorial University. She has taught kindergarten, 1st grade and currently teaches music education. As well as pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Liberty University. Kasey states “I value my graduate work and the determination it taught me as a wife, mother, and educator.

Aside from her career, Kasey’s passion is clearly music. “For me, music is a lifestyle”. Kasey studies Piano, violin and voice. Although she continues with the piano, her focus is mainly on singing. She enjoys mentoring upcoming musicians and instilling music appreciation in her students. Kasey has traveled and recorded with many amazing Gospel and Jazz musicians and also sings weekly at various venues.